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Vibrant cityscape of Chennai, the top choice for relocation, featuring 11 compelling reasons. PMRGO ensures a smooth move to the best place.The ancient and equatorial city of Chennai is often referred to as the “Gateway to south India.” The city’s jumble of seventh-century temples, art deco, Gothic revival, and quintessential Indo-Saracenic edifices, spill onto the white sands of Marina beach, a 13km beach that fronts onto the Bay of Bengal. This business-centric city is divided into four quarters: its central commerce hub, its industrial area in the north, and its residential areas to the south and west. The city’s diversified economic base has attracted a number of Fortune 500 companies and businesses and it was recently ranked in Forbes’ top ten fastest-growing cities in the world.

A visit to namma Chennai is peppered with lot of activities, holding interest for everyone. Let the warmth, madness, colors and flavors of this city surprise you. Here the things you need to know before setting foot in Chennai for the long haul!

Key sectors in Chennai

Chennai is a hubspot of software- and financial companies, the automobile- and healthcare industries, as well as hardware manufacturing. It is home to diverse large-scale Indian companies, as well as numerous international ones. The Tidel Park — Asia’s largest IT Park — is also an important source of revenue for plenty of people in Chennai. It also contributes a considerable percentage of India’s leather export, with the local apparel and accessories industries. Last but not least, it is home to the Tamil film industry. And it is a second home for expats.

The port

Chennai’s port handles mostly industrial cargo and plays a vital role in India’s international trade. There are thousands of people working in Chennai who are involved in the thriving economy of the port area. The city also offers a second satellite port — Egmore Port — which mainly ships cargo like iron ore, coal, and petroleum.


There are variety of sectors in Chennai which increase the job options in Chennai for expats. As there are so many international companies here, so expats are usually come to Chennai on foreign assignments in the Indian branch of a multi-national business.

Safe city

Chennai has been voted as one of the safest cities to live in India. When compared with the other metropolitan cities such as Delhi, Mumbai or Kolkata, the crime rate is comparatively very low, and almost nil. It is a safe city for Females and People here respect women most.

Impromptu hang out places

Chennai caters to every whim and fancy. Whether you are a college student or looking a break from work and seeking for hangout, thinking of taking out guests somewhere on a short notice, there is no dearth of places to visit in Chennai. The city is so well connected that all it takes to keep you entertained.

Respect its native language

This is one of most important and unique facts where the city and the people love their native language Tamil so much. People here recognize it own Mother Tongue and have immense love and attachment towards their language.

A tropical and pleasant weather

Being close to the sea, Chennai experiences tropical climate. Barring a couple of months of hot sun in summers, rest of the year sees a relatively pleasant temperature with rains in between.

Chennai is best at its culture

Chennai is very traditional and culturally very strong city. It is the only Metropolitan city which still has many cultural centres for traditional Carnatic music, Dramatics, Classical music concerts, Bharatnatyam shows, Art movies, Quizzes, Spelling Bee contests, Painting exhibitions, a dedicated library for Tamil language, etc. People here widely follow the old Tamil culture and traditions.

City with lovely beaches

Sited on the coastal region, Chennai has a collection of some beautiful beaches that enhances the overall beauty of the city. The availability of Beaches gives a wonderful and affordable getaway option for every class of people who visits and lives in Chennai. Marina Beach, the world’s second largest urban beach is here.

City with full of entertainment

Chennai is a place for movie buffs. The experience of watching a movie in theatre in Chennai is unmatched. Multiplexes, single screen theatres, preview theatres are plenty of options here.


Shopping in Chennai is very special since there are various options for every class of people. From traditional shopping to new age shopping on Malls, malls to street side vendors, the options are abundant for both varieties and budget. There are diverse wholesale markets where you have a dedicated street for everything you need. The city has large number of Jewellery showrooms, silks, handicrafts and many more things that you want to buy.

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