Are you planning to move your office to a new location?

Well, before you plan your move, it is important to follow the declaration stated by the Information & Consultation of Employees Regulations 2004. It states that any changes directly affecting staff, unions, regulators, parent companies, board members and department heads should be discussed with them.

Why? Because an office for most of us is our first home! Especially when you are spending a significant amount of awake time in it.  Therefore, it is important to consider the happiness and suggestions of your employees when looking to relocate to a new location considering it will affect their day-to-day operations and might affect their day and evening routines.

Perhaps, there are important things one should carefully look upon while planning for their upcoming corporate relocation!


Before buying a new place, you must aim to survey the location. Understanding the key dimensions you have along with security measures, lease/rent charges, approachability and adequate space for employee vehicles etc is very essential when it comes to finding an appropriate place. The next task is to evaluate how much renovation is actually needed post aligning with one’s creative vision for the company. It’s essential to keep innovation and creativity together while also focusing on having adequate space for employees post need analysis.

If you are still confused and worried about finding the office to relocate, then read the following:


Normally, office relocation takes place due to

  • The hunt for the right task force. Today, due to the rising competition amidst top taskforce, finding and employing the right talent pool has become a necessity. With the growing number of employees in the company, it becomes a necessity to move to an appropriate office space to accommodate the employee.

  • Lack of Approachability: Lack of proper transport facility and accessibility of the office can often times leave you struggling with clients and employees alike.

  • Lack of secure surroundings: Security is today’s one of the foremost talked about concerns expressed by employees. Hence, a lot of employee’s concerns are based on a secured facility with basic CCTV coverage.

  • Lack of Parking Facility: Having no space to park their two wheeler or four wheeler is one of the most talked about problems which employees face at the workplace. Hence, it is essential that the location of the new office set has the option for parking employees and the client’s vehicle.


As each business and industry has its special requirements, you must look upon the precise adjustments of the infrastructure required by your office. For example, observe the square feet to be covered by each department or any additional requirements such as cabins, pantry, cafeteria, breakout zone, meeting rooms, etc.


Once, all of the tasks are handled, planning your move transition with professional packers and movers becomes easy. Why outsourcing to a professional relocation expert you would ask? Professional packing and moving companies in India have prior experience of handling complicated office moves with expensive tech equipment, furniture, and most importantly confidential office documents. These companies operate with professionalism handling each task with a proper checklist. Making your corporate moving experience a hassle-free and positive experience.

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