Why Should You Move To Kerala?

Are you worried about safety? Are you worried about job opportunities? Are you worried about your children’s educational qualifications? If yes, we are all worried about the future of our family. But wait! What if you get a chance to get each of the above mentioned above? Have you ever thought about Kerala? It is that one state in India with the highest literacy status.

There might have been a King in the North, and people might have remembered him, but it was the King in the South who had brought equality in religions way before than the Indian constitution. The people in Kerala adhere to the norms stated by King Mahabali, further brought in effect by the Asura King Raavan, though the norms hadn’t been implemented properly. The people in South do not practice racism or casteism, perhaps, they celebrate every festival with the same enthusiasm. The main religions in the state are Hinduism, Christianity and Islam, followed by Buddhism. Jainism and other religions in minor proportions.

As the state excels in the literacy rate, it has rationally developed schools and industrial opportunities which can not only help you to settle with your family but will also help you leading an independent life.

Moving on, the city is much more than the beaches and the agricultural lands. The state welcomes the people with the pleasant weather, and a clean air as compared to Delhi and Mumbai. The state is comprised of traditions from the other parts of India as well.

However, there are some things you should remember while moving to Kerala.

  • The northerners should not show their superiority over any other person in the state.

  • Do not expect any labor for your household chores, as it is relatively high in price.

  • Cochin and Thiruvananthapuram are the famous and the best cities to move in Kerala, for education and industrial opportunities. Though, the suitable city can vary up to your needs.

  • If you are thinking to live in Kerala, then welcome to rainy land.

  • The boiled rice is a part of the meal in lunch and in dinner as well.

  • The fish is the favorite beverage in the restaurants.

  • The people in Kerala are educated, but you cannot expect everyone to speak in English. However, if you are aware of the Hindi language, you shouldn’t worry then. A lot of northerners reside in Kerala as shop vendors or jewelers.

  • The state is famous for ayurvedic and oriental medicines.

  • The state practices a vast amount of agricultural practices though it doesn’t have a much variety in food.

  • Each region has its own dialect which represent the individual characteristics of the people.

  • The comfortable setting about Kerala is the stalls set-up on road, which means you need to bargain for the product you desire to have. There are only a few malls in Kerala. Perhaps, Kerala knows the ladies better than anyone on Earth.
However, not forgetting about the traditional festival of Kerala, that is, Vallam Kalli, it is celebrated during the harvest season of Onam festival. But before this festival, a Champion Boat League is organized in August with the grand Nehru Trophy Boat Race. The top 9 teams will qualify for the Champions Boat League and will then slug out in 12 races over 3 months across Kerala, finally concluding on 1 November.

Perhaps, this is the appropriate time to move in Kerala and enjoy the boat festival along with the work and education facilities.

Therefore, you have proportionate chances of having a suitable future in Kerala. Only a few number of cities in India provide clean air with industrial opportunities. Also, the people from the metropolitan cities would be much happier here, as the traffic lasts only till 15 to 20 minutes.

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